Ideas for making the most of the book
'Doctor, I feel funny'

  1. Give a copy to the manager of each department, ward, unit or service in your facility. This will give the manager and staff the same information that patients and visitors are reading and therefore expecting of the various services. (It is also a good idea to include this page with the book.)
  2. Remember to include pastoral care and your volunteer service. The book has a wealth of information for these people and could be used as a key resource for the patients they visit.
  3. Make the books available for sale in hospital shops.
  4. Place a copy in each patient's locker and patient waiting areas with a sticker on the fly-leaf (not the front cover) to read:
    This book has been donated to the hospital by the authors, Patricia Cameron-Hill and Dr Shayne Yates. Please feel welcome to browse through the book during your stay and leave it for the next patient to enjoy. You can order your own copy by phoning AUST. 1800 816632 or NZ 0800 441 593. Thank you.

This may be all you wish to do in your hospital, or you may wish to maximise the benefits by using the following ideas:

  1. Link the intention of the book with other existing concepts. For example, the World Health Organisation's Health Promoting Hospital which is concerned with addressing health care reforms. The book could also be part of initiatives to meet Accreditation and Quality Control standards - especially showing evidence of continuous improvement.
  2. Patient satisfaction surveys could target key areas in the book.
  3. Use the book for staff education - both graduate and under-graduate health professionals and support staff. Each chapter includes a special section with notes and ideas for staff to facilitate discussion, brainstorming and action.
  4. Expectations of staff and performance review could incorporate some of the ideas. The 'notes for staff' sections are a good start to do this. Cartoon: Friends come to visit, but end up watching TV, while the youngest visitor plays with medical equipment attached to Patient. Oh no...
  5. Quote sections and use the cartoons regularly in your newsletters and staff bulletins. This action sanctions the content of the book and reinforces the message. Remember to include the 'book initiative' and any improvements forthcoming in your annual report.
  6. Invest in videos by the authors to screen for staff, in waiting areas and for patients.
  7. Remember to give feedback to this Photo: Patricia and Shayne with Patientwebsite to the authors and benefactors. This labour of love is made all the sweeter with feedback from you on how the books are being used and the outcomes: Visit This is also an opportunity to network with other people who are introducing ideas to their hospital - especially HUMOUR.

Dr Shayne Yates