Clown Doctors
Dr Peter Spitzer
The Humour Foundation
PO Box 804 Avalon NSW 2107
(Review article in 'Australian Family Physician' Vol 30, No. 1, Jan 2001)

Library of Life, Love and Laughter
Ball Memorial Hospital
Muncie, In.

The Laughter Project - The Canberra Hospital
Frank Millburn (Ph +61 2 6286 1495) Volunteer and Andrea Cullen ( compiled an excellent proposal for a Laughter Lounge.
Andrea says…. "The Clown Rounds have been great (Carole & Susan are wonderful) the value of these cannot be put into words - you have to be there to see it, feel it and soak it all up."

Clown Rounds - The Canberra Hospital
Susan Carew ( and Carole Griffiths ( conduct monthly clown rounds at The Canberra Hospital in a volunteer capacity. They are part of the Pastoral Care Dept.

Giggle Group - Kings Meadows Community Health Centre
Heather Donaldson is a registered nurse who runs this group for 'Arthritis Tasmania'. Reviewed on Cannel 9 Current Affair on 8 June 01.

Cartoon: Pondering some deep thought

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Robyn Handbury

Dr Shayne Yates